The Powerful Benefits Of Laughter - How Often Do You Laugh?

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My mom's laughter is the most infectious thing I've encountered in the world - it just lights up my day.

I laugh as often as I can, in good times and in bad times, because it's a powerful tool that I possess.


I've been a long term believer of the fact that,

Laughter is the best medicine.

Laughter is contagious, laughter let's you look at the lighter side of things. It cannot solve all your problems, but in my opinion it does make the impact of certain difficult situations easier to handle.

I’ve laughed through some of life’s rigors not because I’m mad, but because it makes the situation somewhat bearable. Sometimes, we need to choose our own medicine to help us live through the pain, and laughter is an easily available one.

If I’m feeling sad or depressed, if I'm down-and-out, sharing a genuine laugh with myself or with family/friends helps brighten up my day.

So what are some of the benefits of laughter?

There's a ton of research that's gone into this field, and there are so many advantages of such a simple thing as a 'laugh'. Let's see a few of them:

Improves Health

Laughter can help you stay healthy. It helps you boost your immune system by stimulating the hormonal shift in your body that encourages antibody cells to develop faster. The increase in antibody count helps the body to fight off infections and illness in a better manner, so laugh regularly and see the difference.

Helps Reduce Stress

Laughter can help you de-stress by reducing the number of stress hormones in your body. Smiling has a positive effect on your emotions which in turn creates a positive impact on your mood and overall outlook.

Improves Memory

Laughter can be a way to improve memory as the emotional response of laughter assists the connections and associations that the brain forms while learning.

Improves Relationships

Looking the lighter side of things can help you be more focused on the important aspect of relationship and be less judgmental about persons or situations. A humorous approach to relationship can be an easier way of breaking the ice and keeping things on the positive side.

Cancer Prevention

Surprisingly, laughter has a possible benefit of preventing cancer
by increasing levels of an entity called IFN (Interferon-gamma) which stimulates growth of cancer fighting agents. Want to keep the doctor away, then laugh all day!


They say the laughter of a baby is the most contagious. And the picture above is definite proof.

Crazy Laughter Memories Are The Best!

There are crazy and humorous incidents that are always associated with laughter, like the time when your friend falls down and you both start laughing, or the time when you and your sibling got a scolding from your parents but couldn’t stop giggling. It’s important to find humor in life. It just makes life easier sometimes.

Thanks for reading! @jznsamuel

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good one :)

Good post. It's almost as if we have forgotten how to laugh? I think it's great that you point out some of the benefits of laughter - how how do we solve this? Do we need to make deliberate decisions to hang out with funnier or more happy people?

Thank you appreciate your feedback @themarketbank . I've realized that it is the small changes that help, start smiling more, have a more positive outlook - things won't happen overnight. and yes, a positive company generally keeps you more positive. I find that laughing is easier around my closest family and friends.

Lol, Haha, :D!!

This is good reading :)
Other great benefits:

  1. You have fun while laughing, I mean it's better than being sad or angry
  2. People who laugh often tend live longer

Hhhahaaaa,, perfeck

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