30 Best Steemians Of The Day To Follow 19th July 2017

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Today i am going to share the list of best steemit blogger of 19th July 2017, you can explore the best users on the community who regularly creates awesome content. These profiles are writing about different topics with unique ideas, check their accounts for a complete overview of what they are doing on this platform. I am going to list all the new and old users, who are making a change in the platform, so if like this kind of lists and want to follow some cool steemians. Then follow me @jzeek for more articles and support me by upvote, resteem and share thanks.


0User NameDescription
1@denmarkguyDanish national living in Port Townsend, WA USA, A Writer, Artist, Husband, Entrepreneur and Cat Lover. Probably the most active person on this list.
2@virtualgrowthVirtual Growth is another very active steemian on the community, Joined in July 2016 and published 10348 posts for 1856 followers so far.
3@supermeatboySuper Meat Boy is another old account on the platform and Joined in July 2016. With 169 followers and 413 posts are published.
4@coinkoreaCoin Korea is another active member of the community for the Korean readers, 1733 followers enjoyed 1805 posts in Korean Language.
5@kiwidebkiwideb from Wellington, New Zealand. Written 3023 posts about Recipes, food, nutrition, health, music, life and other topics.
6@calaber24pCalaber24p with a high reputation score of 73 Joined in July 2016 and Published 1449 posts on psychology, bitcoin, health and many other topics.
7@funnymanChandna Vishal also known as funnyman from India, Joined in August 2016 and 3181 posts including comments are available on his profile.
8@schattenjaegerSchattenjaeger from Finland is a coffee lover, who is writing stuff on fiction, funny, steemit, sports and various other categories.
9@katharsisdrillKatharsisdrill is a Painter, graphic and cartoon artist with 736 followers and 67 reputation, 2756 posts are available on his profile since September 2016.
10@ftlianIan Freeman is the Host of Free Talk Live, Blogger at FreeKeene.com. Joined in July 2016 and working on bitcoin, news, science and many other topics.
11@avariceAvarice is a Software developer, Crypto enthusiast and avid indoor climber from London, who Joined in May 2016 and published 927 posts for 625 followers.
12@freedomengineerFreedom Engineer from Saskatchewan, Canada is a Farmer at Free West Ventures and Founder at Steem Sharks along with buildfreedom.
13@yetarasYetaras with 70 reputation score is another old and active account with 3073 posts and Joined in August 2016.
14@skt1Skt1 is a Korean Profile and very active one, So if you are from Korea and want to get some articles in Korean then follow this account.
15@churdtzuKurt Robinson with 68 reputation score, Joined in June 2016 and written 1323 posts on the platform for 987 followers at the time of this writing.
16@da-dawnDa-dawn from British Columbia,Turtle Island Joined in January 2017, and looking for the best stuff on steemit and resteem it.
17@jasonstaggersJason Staggers from Australia is Husband and Father of 6. He is a mentor and writes at PropertyInvesting.com, for more than 100,000 Aussie investors.
18@giantbearGiantbear from South Africa Port Edward Joined in September 2016 and written 2839 posts about different topics such as, philosophy, life and other funny things.
19@themagusThemagus from Cape Town, South Africa loves music and dining out, published 1895 posts since July 2016 on photography, Africa, Steemit, technology and more.
20@skapaneasAngelo Borg is an artist, Blockchain enthusiast and Statistics lover, 2348 posts since July 2016 are available on this account.
21@nonlinearoneBryan Gmyrek from Phoenix, Arizona is a software developer and the father of 3 sons, He has a PhD. Degree in physics.
22@markrmorrisjrMarkrmorrisjr from Oklahoma City Joined in August 2016 and since then published 2367 posts on the platform for 1247 followers so far.
23@sulevSulev from Estonia has 68 reputation score and Joined July 2016, for his 1112 followers, about 4195 posts are available right now on his profile.
24@dumar022Dumar022 has written articles in whysoserious, life, funny, steemit, and many other topics. His profile shows 2733 posts for 1013 followers since July 2016.
25@kiddarkoKid Darko Art from Midwest, USA is another profile with high reputation score of 67, and written 1267 posts since the Joined date of July 2016.
26@wartrapaWartrapa from Spain, Valencia / Málaga is an English teacher, Father and Husband with 67 reputation score and 1694 posts.
27@oaldamsterOalDamster from Winschoten, Oldambt Netherlands is another active account with 4318 posts and recently also reached the milestone of getting 1000+ followers.
28@cmp2020Christopher Palmer is a musician, composer and pianist from West Chester, PA, USA. Joined in July 2016 and for 388 followers there are 516 posts on his profile.
29@sneakJeffrey Paul from Berlin, Deutschland Joined in August 2016, has a reputation score of 64 and 961 followers, he published 861 posts so far in the community.
30@tristanacraTristan Acra from Miami, Joined in January 2017 and writing stuff about food, cars, photography, coffee and many other different fields of interest.

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Nice list... but where is Steemtri, the first social-media-mannequin? Haha, just joking ;-) Bye Bye Steemitri the mannequin


ok next time i will try to include your profile as well.

Hello @jzeek. Welcome to Steemit. I am David. I wish you have a happy journey here.


ok thanks for your support.

Welcome to Steemit and wish you much luck!


as i can see you are a newbie and i was once here, so my advice to you is keep up the good work and success will follow thanks.


Oh, thanks, I have just posted a tiny story with videos about lovely little girl. Maybe you'll like it, so feel free to contact or follow me :-)

Hello Jzeek - welcome to Steemit ! i am @digital-gypsy - nice to meet you and all the best !


thanks for your support.

I am honored. Thanks for including me there. It means a lot...



your support means a lot to me, you are welcome and we are here to help each other,

Thanks for the shout out :)


No problem, you are welcome, just keep up the good work.

Thanks @jzeek for including me in the list :)


you are welcome

Thanks~!! upvoted & followed~!!


you are welcome and thanks for the kindness buddy,

welcome to the Steemit Community, Jzeek ! Wish you much luck! Cheers! Follow me .


thanks you i am going to check your account.

Thanks for this post. I will be coming back to see who gets added and will be checking out these profiles.


you are welcome.

Wow, thanks!


you are welcome.

@jzeek thanks for including me in your list. Appreciate it...upvoted and followed {grin}


welcome mate, we are here to help each other thanks,

Nice, a new Steemian, more or less ^^ Hi @Jzeek I hope you have fun here. feel free to contact or follow me at any time :-) Cheers @chrisx


ok thank i will check out your profile

Thanks for the mention friend


you are welcome, support me and support others this is what this community is all about.

Welcome to the amazing world of steemit. Followed. Follow me back 😘


ok i will check your profile thanks.

Great list, some people I know on there.. I can't believe you didn't add @outerground to this list though ?

Why @outerground ?

he's a Steemitphotochallenge winner, poster of exquisite photo essays and macro / street photography. Regular #dailyphotoselection participant. D Philosophical musings surrounding BlockChain topics and professional cryptoanalysis. Steemit user of the month, poetry competition winner, healthy recipe winner A minnowsupport /banjo fan and steemtrail follower.

Who is this guy ?

in real life he's a Creative Director, runs an animation studio in East London, is a blockchain visualiser (you don't even know what that is do you?) and he's also a filmmaker, music producer, a surface pattern designer, installation artist & short fiction writer.. google outerground you'll see.

630 followers / coming up to 2,000 posts

He replies to everyone and is so encouraging to new users and photographers you'd wonder if he's a bot.. he's not. he's actually real person and a business mentor, you can ask him questions. he even designed an avatar for one user who was using an image of a condom ! no names mentioned @tremendospercy

Project002 giffy film effect.gif
and he makes the most shockingly original gifs you could imagine ! like this one from tuesday night' storm over London.. just using a phone camera, you know ;)

Did I mention, he's only been on here since May !!


i will try to add that profile in the next list,.


Cheers Ace, that just got you a new follower !

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