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It can't be killed by the Clintons!

I am joking, well sort of.

If you haven't heard, there is a rather long list of people that mystery turned up dead after having some sort of run in with the Clintons over the years.

More on it here:

Anyways, hope you enjoyed a little Saturday humor on a day when bitcoin is giving back some of its recent gains.

Stay informed my friends.


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We have a saying here in Portugal that basically says that by joking you say all the true...

Haha, we have something like that as well...

Something like:

"Behind every joke, there is a kernel of truth"

Exactly, something similar.

There is probably some truth to that saying, at least some of the time anyways.

In the future, we will look back on today, and think to ourselves,
Mars Attacks showed us the correct way to deal with all the paedos and worse.
Why didn't we just follow the plan that was shown to us?

Lol, what plan was that?

"Bwwahahhaaa they killed congress"

"You have two of three branches of government still working for you, and that ain't bad"

Lol, yes there is that.

the media loved him.

He was a charmer for sure.


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Is that another coin?

Yes, it was supposed to give you a free !COFFEEA token. Just like the !BEER token. If you hold some, then you can give some for free as an airdrop. But I guess I did something wrong.

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It looks like there was a space after the "!" And also coffee may have been spelled wrong. :)

Sorry, you don't have enough BEER in your account. You need 10 BEER in your virtual fridge to give some of your BEER to others. To view or trade BEER go to

I need some beer coins then

that is easy as the crowdsale is still running. have a look to @beerlover


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Nice, thanks!

Or by anyone else! Buy the dips!

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If all the governments of the world got together and worked in unison, they may able to do it... however if just a couple dissented from that master plan... they probably wouldn't be able to pull it off.