Top Ten Stolen Vehicles

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Recently I received an email from my car insurance company with a list of the ten most stolen vehicles in the US.

This list is usually compiled and published all over the web, hundreds of articles asking the same question is your car on the hitlist?

The most stolen new vehicles:

  1. Toyota Camry

  2. Nissan Altima

  3. Toyota Corolla

  4. Dodge Charger

  5. Ford Fusion

  6. Hyundai Sonata

  7. GMC Sierra

  8. Hyundai Elantra

  9. Ford Pickup (full size)

  10. Ford Transit

Whether your car is on the hitlist or not, it does not make any difference. I am not sure why my insurance company would even send me such an email. My car is not on the list, they already know that, but assuming it was, what would they expect me to do about it?

Maybe they want me to be more cautious about car thefts so they do not end up paying for it if my car is stolen...

No that's not my car, I do not go to that extreme, but some people do. In fact that email made me want to see how far people go to prevent their car from being stolen:

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lmfao the different theft protection methods people have used are amazing. The padlocks on that card reminds me of Mr Bean.

I don't know if you had watched the show before but the main protagonist would always lock his car with a padlock. I think this was because he had no other way to lock his car but I'm not too sure haha

I never knew transit vans were in the top 10 but they thieves may a van to use while they are car jacking. I can just see a group of robbers in the back of a stolen transit van, ready to steal another vehicle.

These prevention mechanisms are absolutely hilarious. Thanks for making my day that little bit better @joseph

Mr bean! xD

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I lot of fear!! Here thieves like Hondas and big names.

It used to be all about the Honda Civics for thieves...

Great picture. What is also interesting (and relevant to someone who lived in New York in 80s and 90s) is that the window has been left open. Many people left their windows open back then to prevent thieves from smashing the window to look for a radio or other valuables (especially if you didn't have a radio or other valuables). Also ubiquitous were the "NO RADIO" stickers people put on there windows (even if they had a radio, in an attempt to ward off potential thieves).


I thought Honda Accords would be on this list ??

Well my car did not get stolen but everything in the trunk did last night. I broke a fan belt and left it sitting overnight while I found a new fan belt and someone busted the door lock and got into the trunk to take my tools (that I needed to put on a new fan belt), tripod, communication equipment and my backpacking tent. I don't understand why some people feel the need to prey on fellow man.

Sorry that happened to you. Is never fun.

And they seem to often/always COVET #TOOLS ! I had my ladder, some tools, & even my firewood taken (and that wood was my Main form of heat ) - man, was i pissed

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haha...Great post! A little levity goes a long way sometimes. In light of your article and those HILARIOUS pics, I leave ya'll with this:

One day a blonde frantically phoned the police to report that thieves had broken in and completely stripped her car apart.

"They've stolen the dashboard, the steering wheel, the brake pedal, even the accelerator," she cried out in desperation. However, before the police investigation even begab, the phone rang a second time and the same voice came over the line. "Nevermind, I got in the back seat by mistake."


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only mr bean could do that hahah :D

OMG crazy shit!

That's an unexpected list. I thought BMWs, Mercedes and Porshes will top that list! The ways people secure their cars is too funny! I am not sure if the last one is legal, but it's definitely gonna keep thieves away! I came across this creative way and thought I'd share 😂

Yeah this looks awesome! :D

@sweetibo Thanks! It's super creative

I have to wonder if that is a surveillance van. It would work very well in a low income area.

@finnian I agree. It could really work well for that purpose! Great idea by the way 😜

LOL, this is unbelievable!!!

Bmw is not in the list :)

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Good thing that my car isnt in the list

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I'm free of car thefts, because i do not have one. I found the skeleton very funny inside the car, hahaha

Lol hahahaha i never seen something like this you make me lought hahahaha @joseph

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The best defense is a garage. If you leave a car on a city street for long, it will be broken into eventually. Most of the time it is a smash and grab as others post repliers had happen to them.

My car is not in a garage, but there is a light next to it and a camera watching it. If you are really worried about your car being stolen, get a GPS tracker like us private investigators use.

P.S. I am self upvoting only to get past the spammers.

Fourth one is the funniest.

Interesting that the Hyundai Sonata is on the list; I owned 1 of the first models to come out (when I lived on West Coast).

And then I see, also, that Hyundai Elantra hits the list at #8. Imagine my surprise - well, color me stupid ! I did not KNOW that Hyundai's were so highly prized.

Btw, that 6th IMAGE caused me 2 chuckle .. with the Body laying in the car ! Shit..

I guess I know which cars not to buy if I ever get rich from crypto. Nice post, shows good humor and also gives out valuable info too!!


Have you ever wonder who stole them? Coz I think it's Honda. Lol jk. Funny article by the way. Made my night 😊

a lot of ford escorts get stolen here in the UK, ford escorts are the favoured cars by boy racers over here

Hahahahah LOL that's a good one!

Anyone wants to take my car? Make my day! LOL

Those posts are hilarious! It's actually great to see the extremes some people actually take to keep their cars safe! You'd think the Insurance would be enough...but then again the companies never want to pay you out what's yours!
I'm quite surprised those are the top 10 cars on the hit list. I was expecting to read a few more premium cars.
@joseph how's insurance measured in the US anyway? Recently they changed it in the UK to suck us dry even more...

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Good funny clip thanx for sharing steemit , vote,follow

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thank you for information ,i will need this post like this .Realy useful

Excuse my ignorance friend but I think that cars do not steal by the brand if not according to what is striking and new

i have a toyota corolla... will have to take triple care now :D

Is it bad that both the cars my family own are on that list?

Common ...

Those are too extreme

They don't have to try that hard

When you check you would see that most of those padlocked cars

Are those cars that may never enter the Hit List

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Amazing post) Great ways to keep your car safe)

a very good post, and can add insight.

People are ingenious when they want to prevent their car from being stolen. Even if your car was not on the list, they just wanted to inform you, to be cautious, as you said.

LoL, great article, I enjoyed myself so much. All photos seem tricky but at the same time sensible too. First and Last third photo drawn my attaintion so much. Good buddy

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Really Funny)) No German at all?
Can I ask you where are you from? - I cant see it in your profile)

It would be interesting to see how this list differ from country to country. In South-Africa the insurance companies refuse to insure some cars if they are not fitted with a tracking device.
Strangely enough in South Africa the golf mark 1, is on this list, but they manufactured them until recently.

Ha Ha Ha! This is hilarious.
Where did you get all these pics from!!!! Nice job 😇

Buen articulo..

Lmfao 😂 😂, the steering wheel in the metal container is crazy and funny and shotgun of course. Nice post mate 👍

hahahahah LOL

I don't go anywhere without 'the club' steering wheel lock

really very amazing post you, I can smile and laugh, thank you very much my friend.

Common cars easy to move undetected I assume?? Nice steering wheel there lol!

Posting is very interesting. maybe we should be more careful than theft. car pictures on the wall :-) Success for you always

Nice and funny article!!!

who will send me 0.050 SBD to that I will forward 0.150 SBD

Those car security measures got me laughing so hard :)

Good logth clip thanx for sharing steemit , vote,follow

Good thing I sold my Camry! Camry is probably #1 in total volume due to the sheer amount on the road. More on the road = more available to steal (and blend in/not be noticed). Would love to see stats per 1,000 cars sold to see how often a model is stolen compared to how many are out there and see if this list changes at all.

You wrote so beautifully, that started to follow you. Thank you for your great sharing. up vote you.

not luxurious ones, maybe cause they are more technologic and more difficult to steal..

Wow, the only one worth stealing on that list is the Dodge Charger. Why would anyone waste their time trying to steal any of that other junk on the list!

Toyota Camry is at 1 amazing, informative post thanks @joseph

hahhahhahhaha funny methods lol :D one must not go out it woudnt get stolen lol :D

specially the skeleton with gun hahahhahahhaa :D

thank's for poste bro

Note that there is no type of German cars in the list .. Oh my God how much I love her

I can see your preventive mechanism in place

lol, those pictures though. Glad to see no Mazdas on the list seems like Ford and Toyota is primaries wonder why

Enjoyed your post pretty much, this is the kind of stuff I can read all over the day.

I don't own a car

person number 2 is pissed! but quite clever. How can anyone steal from soneone with a sense of humour like that? haha


Too funny but sad truth

This was a hilarious post @joseph! Some of these pics had me dying lol but fortunately my car is not on the hit list

Unfortunately, I own a toyota camry and a nissan altima. nice to see that they're both the top two cars stolen!

Man what a world we live in!!!!!!

Because two of my cars are on the top of the list I might have to look for something with more deterentce -

Try the robocop way in anti car theft:

For real life version, try the South African way:

😂 so relaxing funny post. Very creative owner of those veh so not to stole their car.

LOL And here I am wishing someone would steal my money pit of a 2001 Buick Regal!

Ty to share upvote and follow you

The reason why these cars are on the hot list is because the black market for them is hot and thriving.

My dad still puts one of those locks on his steering wheel and I make fun of him... not just because he's a nerd, but because they live in an upscale neighborhood.

lol some good pics

The idea with skeleton is the best! So happy and proud to be an owner of Jeep Cherokee 99' :D

Nice funny clip thanks for sharing steemit , vote follow

Come to South Africa in a Volkswagen and it will be stolen before you knpw

Hilarious examples.

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These pictures made this post one of the best i read all day. Thanks for the laughs

So funny to see all photos you share...but the ctritical condition like that must not happen for long time in case everyone need to have secure condition and live their lifes without worrying of stealing anything..I think the stolen man must have a big gang that accomodate to steal and sell the stolen car.
Government must work hard for this case ini order to get trust of people on the government instiution like Police institution.

In spain Seat Leon or Volkswagen golf. It does not matter the security system, it is a potential target

that skeleton is good :)))))

time to not buy cars from that list ;) LOL

Very interesting pictures. Thank you for sharing

That's pretty interesting, in New Zealand Nissan Silvia s15 is at the top followed by Subaru Imprezza lol.

Haha, that would have been a crazy email. Maybe they wanted to tell which cars are more popular in the town!!

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how do you think If all the police are able to apply the crime manipulation of motor vehicle documents will not be able to move, but also the users of the vehicle as a whole is protected. And no less important is, the community will benefit from the police service better.

These cars are great, it's normal for them to be stolen. Those pictures are very fun :))

i feel sorry for people just commenting to get upvotes

The security!

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Until Recently I had a Cortina LDV I would carry My PA Kit around in, it did not lock. When I stopped I would open the Bonnet and switch the Spark Plug leads around! Never Stolen that I know of! ( obviously would not run).
Everywhere I went someone wanted to buy it?, eventually I sold it!

The best antitheft parking system for your car :D

third to the last pic would really really work I think hahaha
i didn't expect the corolla nor the hyundai sonata to be so desirable
i was thinking any mini would rank 1st
but i wonder if they like the mini in the US

Looking further into it. It looks like someone has the right idea and dressed their car like a skunk.

Picture belongs to newcar2012review.

Too bizarre, but there are countries where this is normal

it's funny because it's true lol. These are the things that make life enjoyable. Who wants to live in a world where everyone leaves there cars and houses unlocked, with no need to chain them to the nearest tree..

I just know Honda would be on the list but I guess that phase is over and Toyota is the new one that people are snatching up. Thanks for this list as I will keep this in mind the next time I'm car shopping.


Hahaha funny people go that extreme I've never seen that around here


Very funny! You are right. What do the insurance companies expect you to do? 🐓🐓

what could be the reason, is it that there security is not strong or what?