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Laura Loomer Handcuffed Twitter

Dear Trump,

Twitter banned Laura Loomer for being an effective journalist. She handcuffed herself to the Twitter Headquarters. But when people live streamed her protest in New York today, social media stopped the streaming, the videos. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and others, are censoring free speech beyond what you may even know. Many people are banned. Trump, you are shadow banned beyond 95%. It might be worse than you know.

Yours truly,
An American Patriot

Send This Letter to Trump

You can send that letter, just copy and paste, to You just need an email address. Send more letters to him. Share your letters online, offline. Write your own letters if you want. But the Technocrats are going after you and me and everybody.


I did hear Twitter is also not posting a lot? About Facebook we already know they stink. Rapists, group rapists are allowed to show the video of that rape on Facebook and the victim is banned? The little nobody is more interesting as the big ISIS fish?

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Very interesting. Yeah. Not too sure but it all looks pretty crazy.

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have every right to ban and sensor who they want. These are PRIVATE CITIZENS. Yes these private citizens have sold us out but last time I looked it is legal to be a RAT. If someone comes to my website and talks about how much they enjoy molesting children as a private citizen I have the right to not allow them back to my website and I have the right to sensor their data by deleting it.

The First Amendment was put in place to protect the American People from the Government not Private Citizen from Private Citizen. You are calling for the Government to monitor Free Speech-This is a wrong headed Idea. which is equal to the fox guarding the hen house.

Also I would like to add that President Obama has proved that Trump is correct in his stance on the Caravan:

I totally agree.

You hate the Fair Use Act? You are against American Law & Order?

Jack said he did not ban people for political reasons. Did you see the people that Jack did not ban? Did you see the people they attacked in New York City out on the streets? Did you see that they broke the Fair Use Act, Safe Harbor, and also Anti-Trust. They're breaking American laws. Did you see the bias? Do you see the double standards?

Yep, Youtube, Facebook, etc. have every right to ban whoever they want and I absolutely agree that the government should have no role in what they are doing in that regard. However, their double standards are ultimately going to be the end of their dominance. It's only a matter of time before better things start replacing them. It already has started, even if we aren't there yet. The "molesting children" example is a straw man argument though. Nobody is arguing that Facebook and Twitter should allow posts praising the molesting of children.

I think too much weight is given to social media. Lets step back and be humans again.

Ben, this girl was attacked NOT on social media. Ben, I am NOT talking about Twitter. I am talking about freedom. Did you not see what happened? You probably did not see it.

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