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in #funny6 years ago

presenting: "the shower microphone" ???



and it comes with the "shower sunglasses"....ya case soap gets in your eyes while you are singing!!!





Shower microphone is not useless at all!

This reminds me of a friends episode. Where did you use it last?

It's not useless it's fun.

HEY quality product! I would probably buy it in a few years.

sing a song pic

That's Bono!

ha ha ha ...... lol :-)

Who doesn't like singing in the shower? Great innovation if you ask me. Lol

Great white elephant gift.

So funny :))
thank you for sharing

Excellent............ @joeblack1

follw me bro

hahahhahha great for me :D

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Haha my cousin definelty needs this.. thanks for sharing I have sent him on whatsapp .. 😂

Great microphone, it's very useful

Man, I need that badly!


Waaoww this is very cool .. for those who want a concert can test first in the bathroom use shower microfon. Let more confident .. hihii 😄

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