Prepare to be Rick-Rolled

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More lip-sync fun

So, many people know what "Rick-Rolling" is. For those that are unfamiliar, back in the late 1980's, there was a musician named Rick Astley who had some hits such as 'Never Gonna Give You Up' and 'Together Forever'. They dominated the charts in the US for a while. And while, Rick Astley, who is not a native of the United States, has a very distinct sound to him, did not have many hits in the US after that, he is still highly remembered.

There is a phenomenon behind him, to which he admittedly, does not mind. You can read more about how this prank got started here.

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There is a couple of good ones on youtube. Do you have this video up on youtube? I can only watch it there.

I had issues with the upload on youtube. I've been trying!

Rick Astley is from England, not Canada.
Newton-le-Willows, Lancashire, England

Thank you for clearing that up. I followed him on social media and he has that he is from Canada, so that was my mistake! :)

No drama, That song drove me nuts back in the eighties... :)
But what a great tune, so glad to see him back on the scene.

No, I didn't take it as drama! That's why I upvoted you, my friend! It did the same to me. Yes, I agree. I appreciate you correcting me on it! :)

Wowww...kamu beruntung sekali

Teman saya, itu bisa terjadi pada Anda juga! :)

Tapi sampai sekarang aku belum pernah merasakannya..😢😢

Tunggu sebentar

My parrots (I just joined Steemit & blog about them a lot as a “rehab birds in progress” & the hilarity that comes with it sort of thang) are HUGE fans of rick rolling... & gangsta rap. Lol. 😂🙈. I’ll have to show them this. Idk who taught them what Rick rolling even is... but they always think it’s hilarious! A good rick roll makes their day.

Nice! I would love to see this! Do you happen to have it posted on Dtube?

Very nice

Thank you!

I think you found yourself a new posting niche

Haha! They are just me being silly. These were done when I was sick and awaiting surgery and was very bored! :)

Wow! It's wonderful 😱

Thank you very much!

Weldone @jennifer78

Thank you @esoziejeraldine!


Thank you!

Your Ricks are rolling out of control

rick rolling.jpg

haha! Nice!

Speak louder next time ;)

I didn't reaize the volume was that low! I will try next time! Thank you!

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Thanks to @souldelas.

saludo amiga jennifer ajudame con tu voto porfa...