What is Your Crypto Trading Strategy?

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Do you have a strategy when you trade cryptocurrencies? What approach you use?

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Is your portfolio diversificated? Do you go all-in with one coin or you split between many coins?

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Buy high, sell low. Cry. Repeat

I have started trading small vol coins, which were spiking or going down a lot, high volatility, that way I raised my capital almost 5x, in few months. Then I slowly moved to more liquid coins, and then spread my capital into 10-15 coins, in smaller positions, so risk was kinda diversified.

Now I am still trading some small cap coins, but mostly I like to go into higher volumes coins. And ofc always having cash, if good quality coins at a discount price, I m usually grabbing more of them.
In my blog (my articles) I am commenting some of my trading moves: almost every day.

Thanks for your input! Did you ever got in trouble with small cap coins when volume dropped and price too?

oh yes,
I have learned lessons the hard way, ha ha. This is the downside of small cap coins: high rewards but very high risks too. Some coins used to trade at 20-30 BTC/day vol, and then dropped as little as 3-5 BTC/d, so was very hard to sell at the price I wanted.
I had to take some losses there.

Buy low, sell high !

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I buy low, then worry as it goes lower. Sell right after I get me money back. Then I buy again near the top of the market, thinking that it will keep going up, only to find out that I have to hold because I was "that guy" who buys high and sells low.