Game of Thrones Libertarian Edition.

in funny •  11 months ago

Reason Hits it Out of the Park with This Spoof of Game of Thrones!

Sometimes something comes along that was unexpected and really puts a smile on your face. My favorite part was when the Dragon Queen opened the vault to social security. The Wall was hysterical as well. If you are a Game of Thrones fan you will thoroughly enjoy this.

Don't forget that Sunday night is the new season of Game of Thrones. @AnaHilarski and I will not be available during the airing of each episode. ; )

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I don't know if I can admit that but sorry, I don't watch Game of Thrones...

Haha, this was awesome, thx for sharing.

hahah i like the part when it switches from "hodor" to "china" lol

Very funny. It's just unfortunate they had the same type of foul language as the show. I could share it with more people if it didn't. GOT can be seen on VidAngel without all the swearing or nudity or gore.

hillarious this is

Winter is not coming folks..... Winter is here!

I'm waiting to watch :)

This is a good way to explain libertarianism! With series and humor. Thanks for sharing mate!

A hearty LOL. I am also not available during each showing for the next series of Sunday nights. Love GOT. And also ASOIAF, one of the best if not the best series of novels I have ever read. Martin is genius.

That's really funny. I love the part about the wall also. I think I've seen every episode of Game of Thrones at least three times and I'm really looking forward to the new season.

great to post, very funny game edetion, thank for sharing.

This is beautiful. "Yeah, it's pretty much a ponzi scheme." haha

Bloody fantastic! I am a huge fan of GoT and this might as well have been the plot... for idiots.

Holy shit the scene where the Maester was teaching was brilliant.

I almost forgot about Game of Thrones. Winter is coming soon!
I was waiting for it for so long! Damn that was cool :D


They waited so long that I almost forgot about this Sunday.


It begins again, ehh? I don't track these things. My wife has to tell me about them. It has been a good series so far. Have you watched Vikings too?


Sure did, but only the first two seasons. It started getting really weird.

This hilarious haha
I love all the trump, wall jokes that were sewn into it.
'Is there a door?
There is probably a big door...'
It really put a smile on my face.
Thanks Randy

Amazing! This is wonderful! I am so glad I found your stuff. Steemit is such a great place.
following you

This is very well made :D ahh 3 more days till the new season !

We are will not forget=)) How can we forget that?=)))

hahhaaa laughing my ass off, soooo good Randy @hilarski :P China china china! :) full upvote

Hahahaha very funny edition.
New season is neeeeaaaar.

Pure awesomeness and very smart! But hey...that's what Libertarians do, they drink wine, and they know things. :)

Bwa-ha-ha!! "Let the unsullied use whatever bathroom they want, why do we have to get involved in this?"


The funny thing is that only fans would get it.


They cut off your head when you bring in better ideas? Sounds like deep state stuff. They must always have the control at the cost of the people.

I don't think the internet will do much better for me today! Thank you for sharing that, it was spot on. I also have a slight itching for the new episode... Slight.

Thanks for this! Made my day :)

that is funny
but sad at the same time

Fucking love it. Great find, mate.

This is hilarious! :D can't wait for the real GOT though

Wow that was hilarious! Very creative my dog! Keep it up!

LOL...So funny..thanks for sharing...can't wait for the new season to start :)

hahahaha I liked the part where the security guard checking for swords, black magic, etc lol.

Hahaha Randy, this is pure gold lol

Amazing post and hilarious! Watching it again lol

Hilarious... just because its the truth. :)

I don't think it's very funny I think it's tragic I think we are as a society reach point of no return

Ha... "Yeah, it's pretty much a ponzi scheme"

Thanks for sharing this video, I really enjoyed it :)

Have you already seen the Game of Thrones musical by Coldplay by the way? I made a post about it with links to all the videos of this event about a week ago for the people who hadn't seen it yet.

Good post Randy, i like game of thrones

Jajajajaja so funny hilarski. nice post

La mejor serie de todos los tiempos ;)

HaHa that's a crack up, thanks for sharing.

Very well put together. Keep them coming.

so funny hahaha

hahah its awesome

great loved it man !!

VEry good !

Funny game i like hard task! thanks

My coworker told me I should watch Throne because it was about work. She said it had intrigue, plots, backstabbing etc. I asked if there was a show about do your job and mind your own business. That's the show I'd prefer....

Hello my friend, I had a question from you. What are the resteemed posts for you? Waiting for the answer. Thank you.


I don't Resteem often. My profile, my decision.

Oh my God that was hillarious!