There has been some big Star Wars news this month. (So. Much. Star Wars!!!!)

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This has been a crazy month for Star Wars fans.

First, a new trailer was released for the final season of Disney HD's Rebels. If you have never seen this show, you should check it out. Not only is it canon, some of its characters have been seen and mentioned in Rogue One. In addition, rumor has it that more of the characters will find their way into the new Star Wars Universe. Oh... and it has Admiral Thrawn. He's an awesome villain and one of my personal favorites.

Then, news leaked that Episode IX would be delayed by nearly seven months. The final episode in the original Star Wars saga was originally set to be released on May 24, 2019. After ousting director Colin Trevorrow, this was bound to happen. Honestly, I was actually relieved.

And by "relieved" I mean I was...

First, I do not want the studio to rush the production of this very important movie (for me and every other geek I know... including my kids). I want them to take their time and get it right.

Second, I was thrilled to hear that Colin Trevorrow had been removed as director. I would wait an entire extra year if it meant he was as far, far away from the Star Wars Galaxy as possible. Although I loved his first movie Safety Not Guaranteed, I hated Jurassic World more than any movie in recent memory. I actually laughed out loud on more than one occasion. After the movie ended, I asked the large group of friends I was with two questions: How the hell did that woman run around in the muddy jungle in giant high heels? And was the writer/director kidding? I honestly thought the movie may be a parody of itself a la Gremlins 2. Sadly, I found that it was not a parody. I couldn't stand the idea of this goof ruining Star Wars that way.

I still don't know if this is a real product... just like I didn't know if it were a real movie.

Next, the first cameo in The Last Jedi has been confirmed. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is going to voice an alien in the film slated to be released on December 15. I'm still mad that no-one has produced a Nightwing film starring Levittt... so this will have to do for now.

Warning possible spoiler below.

Is this a leaked image of Levitt from the set of The Last Jedi?

Why yes I am a millionaire. Why do you ask?

Ummm no.

In addition to this cameo, there are rumors of several others including Tom Hardy, Prince Harry, Prince William, and British pop star Gary Barlow. (Don't forget Daniel Craig played a Stormtrooper in The Force Awakens... and he spoke!)

Now the BIG ONE. Instead of finding a new creative team to replace Trevorrow...

J.J. Abrams is going to return to co-write and direct Episode IX.

I am thrilled!

Why am I so excited?

  1. I loved The Force Awakens. I thought it was the perfect bridge between crusty old fans like me and a whole new generation of fans like my daughter (my son has been a crusty old fan since birth).

  2. This will finally settle an on-going debate between me and some of my friends. Some of my pals think that Abrams is a hack who merely ripped off the entire story of Star Wars, added some new characters and effects, and passed it off as something new. I argue that it was a perfect reboot of the saga. It was the bridge I mentioned earlier. If Episode IX features non-blinking giant Teddy Bears and a scene of Rey dragging Kylo Ren out of a crumbling Starkiller base... then I was wrong. If it is completely original (as I anticipate) then I was right and I can rub it in my friends' stupid faces. Oh wait. I mean I can have a civil discourse with them and accept my victory with dignity and class... and then rub it in their stupid faces!

  3. I am not a Star Trek purest. Many Trekkies feel that Abrams destroyed their beloved universe. On the other hand, I thought he rebooted , modernized and improved Star Trek (please don't shoot me with a phaser). But I can't argue with them. If anyone who has loved Star Trek from birth says Abrams ruined Star Trek for them... who am I to tell them otherwise? Luckily I don't feel that way, so I am filled with hope that he will nail Episode IX.

One thing is for sure, it is a glorious time to be a Star Wars fan.

It's an even better time to be the dad of a couple of them!

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I hate Disney's "Rebels". The Empire doe not feel as impressive as it was. Maybe I just miss the clone troopers.

Have you seen captain Rex on rebels?

Yeah, he got old and a bit chubby.

Star Wars died to me when they broke from the original story. I haven't read all the novels (who could, there's so so many), but I read enough to know that wasn't when and where Han was supposed to meet his end.

I can appreciate wanting to shake things up a bit, but if that's the route they wanted to take they should've started a beginning to end (from the Sith being a species) anthology and just remade episodes 1-9 later, or picked another trilogy to lead with (Darth Bane would've been my wet dream come true).

Instead they butchered an amazing story that deserved so much better. I'll never forgive Disney for what they've done or Lucas for letting them do it.

R.I.P. Star Wars. The Force isn't with us anymore.

I have heard that Harrison ford begged Abrams to let Han die on screen. Rumor has it that it was a condition of ford returning. Personally I think it was one of the most heroic deaths I have ever seen on screen. Han is my favorite character ever. That movie was a love letter and a goodbye to him. He went out trying to save his son to the very last...

I do not dispute that it was a heroic death for one of the greatest causes of all, but that isn't my complaint. Star Wars is a vast and rich source to draw from to reboot the series. I get that the last 3 episodes needed to be made to finally bring a long awaited close to the story so many of us have waited for, some pretty much our entire lives. My complaint is there are resources available to breath new life into it without deviating so severely from the story.

Spoiler Alert
It was the wrong son that turned to the dark side and not for the right reason, which I felt was also somewhat heroic in a sad way. They altered the entire family structure, and the lives of all the main characters and in doing so cheated Luke out of some of his greatest moments, as well as cheating Leah out of her birthright.

The entire thing gave me the impression that Disney just didn't want to pay dues to all the independent authors who have collaborated over the years to make this amazing universe the marvel of storytelling and community it has become. I concede that I often have a skewed outlook towards corporations, especially those as gargantuan as Disney, so it's possible, maybe even likely that there's a lot I'm not taking into consideration regarding that line of thought, but I still stand on the principle that the story deserved to be told in it's original form, saving room for minor tweaks along the way to pay homage where appropriate.

I could likely rant on this for hours, but I won't. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your reply, respect your perspective, and hopefully offer a little bit of insight as to why I felt this just wasn't the way to go with it. Thanks for the exchange and please accept my gratitude.

I completely get where you are coming from. I am a HUGE fan of the Timothy Zahn books especially. If they would have simply made the Thrawn Trilogy into movies I would have been thrilled. I actually do think the new team was influenced by several authors including Zahn. Ben turning to the Dark Side may be a shout out to Jacen Solo in the books. I am also impressed to see Thrawn in the Rebels TV show. I think he will make his way into a movie or two before it is all over. And with the universe as huge as it is, I wouldn't be surprised to see some Anderson, Jeter and other authors' ideas worked in. They are going to making these forever. We may all get to see our favorite stories told at some point.

Always happy to converse about different points of view about Star Wars! Thanks for taking the time to share yours.

i think its funny videos

Here are my top 3 star wars movies of all time:

1.The Empire Strikes Back
2.Rogue One
3.Return of the Jedi

What are yours?

I also like all three of them

  1. Empire Strikes Back
  2. A New Hope
  3. Force Awakens

Although I do love Return of the Jedi. Force awakens took the lead because I saw it in the theater with my children. Their reaction pushed it over the top.

Force Awakens, Empire Strikes Back, A New Hope.

I dont't get why people like rogue one, it's such a bad story. The hero doesn't drive the story. there's very little chemistry between the characters on screen. It's very much like an amusement ride, without much depth at all.

I m too starwars fan
It remind me of it that i miss

Hey, can you guys answer me, can I use tag "introduceyourself" all the time when I talk about myself or it's one time usage?

Typically it is one time only for your intitial introduction.

I used it only once. Then you can do blogging or write anything you want.

I do like a bit of the old Star Wars! Thanks for posting this!!!!

i'm also a star wars fan. nice post

yea me too

may the force be with you!

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