Top 4 Funniest Youtuber

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Since I spend alot of time on youtube, my first post will be the youtubers that made me lol the most.

For this list, there is only 1 criteria, every time i see youtube recommends me their video in the main page i am super tempted to click on it even if the thumbnail and description looks dumb because they have a strong history of funniness.

Also note that there is only 4 of them. I dont really have a good 5th so feel free to recommend me a channel to check out.

No. 4 Lonniedos

This guy i discovers last year. He talks non stop, it is totally insane. If i met him in real life i would never hang out with him.

But in youtube land, his jokes are funny and i love seeing his reaction to bad game. In many ways, he makes bad game good. lolz

No. 4 Super Planet Dolan

It is a new channel, I discovered it early in the year because they did a collaboration with one of the youtuber that i follow.

They gets questions from reddit and youtube comment section and make a video out of it. So If you read the comments, it can get pretty funny. Love it.

No. 2 Grade A Under A

This next guy is a comedic genius. He just complain about random stuff in life. I found him a while back when he posted a video about tinder. Absolute gold if u have never seen it.

There were comments in chat that he was a teacher that got fired. No surprise here.

No. 1 Penguinz0

For many years, this is the guy i look forward too when i go to youtube. He used to release one video a week so i had to be very patient.

Now that he finish school he has been releasing way more videos then i can watch, but it is safe to say i have watch 90% of it. Mostly a gaming channel but some of his best work is not even in gaming videos.

"The Real Series" is one of it. It is just non stop jokes that. There a only a few things in the world that i still find funny even after watching it a few times.

Thanks for reading my first blog, remember to upvote, comment, and follow if you want to see more. C ya.

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I love this playlist you put together @gss!
How long have you been on #steemit for?


i join 2 days ago. :D