Happy FULL BUCK MOON! A Fun Lesson in Moon Folklore :-)

in funny •  2 years ago

Let's get acquainted with our North American roots! Tell your children that tonight's moon is the "Buck Moon" - because now is the time of year when the antlers of male deer, or "Bucks," begin to harden. During this time, bucks live in reclusive bachelor groups to restrict their movements as bone is poured into the antlers. Most bucks are "hard" by mid-September, and ready to breed! They use their antlers to battle other bucks for a chance at a chalice, and they shed their antlers by the start of winter to live peacefully with one another once again. Let the fiery rise toward the harvest of Fall commence! 


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lol ◕ ‿ ◕

Hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle!

Totally awesome, I love the full moon on an ordinary moon full day. This one is just a bit better than normal thanks to you!! Ha, Ha!!

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