The different types of people you see at an ATM stand

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Hello guys, its a wonderful monday again am going to continue from where i stopped last week on Different people you see at an ATM stand, and here is the continuation.


  1. The military men

I seriously hate seeing them at an ATM, they will be the last to come and first to withdraw, at least some are polite but majority of them will be like, do you know who i am?, yes bros we know you, just withdraw and go.

  1. The mallams/abokis

If you just spot them at an ATM stand, just forget it and leave cause they are about to withdraw the whole thing, Despite looking dirty and all that they would come with a folded ghana must go bag and once its there turn everybody would just go and sit down.

  1. The hijab wearing women

Once its ending of the month, just give up if you haven't withdrawn your money, cause the line will be filled with hijab wearing women which are mainly wife of the military men that came to withdraw there husbands salary of take money for the next month, although they are nice and all that but my problem is that they always come early. :-(

  1. The security man

yea..! that security man that is always annoying or the young ones that always wears newly ironed security shirt and be feeling like they are the bankers working there.

  1. The black marketers

This guys already own a mini mobile banking somewhere down the street, once they notice that the ATM stand is crowded, they would just show up from no where to advertise there business and even give you discount

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