Guitarman - Episode #3 - MTV Attitude & Hitting the High Notes!

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Welcome to Episode #3 of Guitarman, in this episode we will be focusing on the right attitude and hitting the high notes. Stay in tune for Episode #4 & Share it with all your friends (if you have any).

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nice post i hope you are well :) and glad you're making people laugh hehehehe
have a lovely day!

I don't know what to feel fear or just laugh jajajajaja that's funny.

jesus :D this was gold :D

Hahahahahhahaahahahha very funny.
Lel lel lel lel elleleeleell ..i can-t understand the single word :p 😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😜😛😛😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


Ha ha ha greet funny video sir.
Thanks for sharing

Was that Amazing Grace in the beginning?

hahahahahaha!!!!! so silly!!!!! LOLOL

you probably don't remember me! but you were my FIRST encouraging post ever in steemit back in 2016!!!!! LOL

i hope you are well :) and glad you're making people laugh hehehehe
have a lovely day!

Nice post.. Nice video... Thanks for the post

You are amazing my man. I have also started posting my dance videos on dtube. May be you like them if you are the fan of bollywood music.

At first i thought WTF but around 2 second in this video i started laughing, this is my kind of fun :D Good job have my upvote :D !

Is creissy. Hahahaha

So... nice looking this guitarman , i like this funny.and also i appreciate this dtube channel. best of luck dear ......

It's like primal man with artistic soul XD

thanks for post

Your politics resonates with me almost 100%. I like your style and you're a funny guy. Keep on it.

This was on another level hhehe epic :D

Brilliant! Just what i needed! Thank you.

Dtube is best now for funny typs vedio sharing dear....
thats funny guiterman is looking really funny....
caryy on and keep it up

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you hit the notes very high hahah love it bro

just watched it and oh man that was freaking cool

wonderful to see your video today quite energetic :D

WTF did I just watch ? lol

Lovely, keep enjoying yourself

the figure that comes to mind, Ann from Little Britain:

this plays in the radio every day