Guitarman - Episode #4 - Struggling!

in funny •  9 months ago

Welcome to a new episode of Guitarman, in todays episode we are dealing with nagging parents forcing their innocent children to rehears on these stupid instruments! Enjoy, and stay in tune for Episode #5

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Hahaha! For some reasons that's cracking me up quite a lot!

Very funny and artistic!

Man, though I am a fan of your activity, looks like this time the joke is on us...

That is some serious talent! Laughed my ass off.

Haha! If you ever picked up a guitar you've been here before! I know I have..............

how to participate in this
I am also rubab player very famous instrument in our country
i am sharing my photo with you

Ha ha ha lol@fyrstikken...Hahahaha. Lol. This was so funny. I wish i never become such a nosy paren

Hahahaha. Lol. This was so funny. I wish i never become such a nosy parentDQmNg83rSHCHEaKsDvoYv5EuSVTKq7crvRq9MoZH4rk3vLn.gif

Haha it's very fynny video!!
I enjoy it ^__^ Big creativity , Thank you for the sharing...
I wait Episode #5 ...Resteem!!
tenor (1).gif

So comedy.. Your vedio.. I like it

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!great video......what a creativity !!!!!!!lol

great work nice your video fun

One of the funniest things I've seen today! Boss Man at he's best!


Pretty bored I take it?

@fyrstikken gitarmen is very funny, the fourth episode is funny,

Ha ha ha you are so funny guitarman,
I like thisraw.gif

So funny looking guitarist, I dont know how parents taught these bullshits for enjoying.

Great one dude!

dtube is best now for any kind of video sharing......
why not funny and comedy video
that great idea........
thanks for sharing

Hahahaha. Lol. This was so funny. I wish i never become such a nosy parent

very good

hahah really struggling today to start but once started it was fun :D

Nice post.what happend enjoy it.i realy like it.good job.

No idea what's going on for the first minute but its stimulating my brain in an extremely good fashion lmao ! I like the d'ring d'ringg d'ringg.. Some say tomato... I say Fried eggs. Life is good. Enjoy your creative weirdness. You are gold.WE ARE THE CHOSEN. REJOICE!

Really very funny video

so~ funny! have a good day @fyrstikken~! :D

Cheer, thank you)))

Ha ha ha lol @fyrstikken...Hahahaha. Lol. This was so funny. I wish i never become such a nosy paren

what the fuck are you doing lmao

real Struggling!... you must be very angry on us. thanks for the short time

lol, This needs to be a Saturday Night Live skit!

You are unique in Steemit...sir.