Drive Safe

in funny •  last year


a turn of the key
the engine gives a roar

its all she's got
as the pedal hits the floor
he's pushin' harder
ain't got no more

wheels tear into the grass
she looks his way
"you'd better lay off that gas"
"don't bitch at me today"

tires squeal
so does she
"what the hell?"
"oh, fuck me!""

she grabs the dash
he pulls his stash
"not now you fuck"
"look out for that truck!"

he swerves and slams the pedal
kisses a guard rail
nothin' but skreechin' metal
"let me out - I wanna bail!"

"shut the fuck up"
"i'm on a roll""
"you're gonna kill us"
"oh look - my arm has a new mole!""

he swerves left
he swerves right
hits every bump
runs every light

"you need to stop this now"
"you know you'll fail"
"i've never liked your driving"
"you drive by braille!""

a hundred in city limits
his stash is almost gone
"if this was a race you'd surely win it"
"stop or i'll call your mom!"

her knuckles turned white
the car's in a spin
it slides through a light
"notify my next of kin!"

bashing through a store wall
he laughs and says
"i think that's all!"
"all i wanted was a pack of cigarettes"

this piece of "art" was created in like ten minutes at 2 am - can you tell?

art source: pic

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