A Funny Real Story At The Beach!

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That story took place about 5 years ago during my vacation. I went for 2 weeks to my uncle's and aunt's place. Note that she from there not my uncle. Anyway our day schedule was to wake up early in the morning while my aunt is still asleep and go to the beach. There we spent about 4-5 hours alongside coffee and club sandwich

Later on we would go to a restaurant to eat because my uncle didn't like my aunt's food :P and usually used me as an excuse. I know my uncle my whole life since he and my father are brothers and we live close by so we can communicate perfectly.   

The Beginning 

One of those days he propose to visit a different sea that in his opinion was the best one. Ofc i said yes and got into the car. Arriving there he informed me that he had a job to do that he forgot and told me to just go into that beach bar sit on a sunbed and order whatever i wanted.

Because i trusted and trust him i said ok and headed to the beach bar. Arriving there, it was completely empty and that was logical due to how early it has been. I had all the sunbeds for myself so i chose the best ones that were next to the beach.


A girl that was an employee there came, looked me with an attitude, even though she was the same age and told me:

"You can't sit in there it's booked" 

"Ok Sorry My Bad" and just sat in the next one

"This one is booked too and all the ones next to the beach so move it" she replied

"It's early and i am not in the mood to argue with you, so just choose a sunbed and tell me where to sit" i replied

She moved me 3 rows behind the first sunbeds while the whole area was empty...


The Madness 

After an hour a huge guy on steroids along with a tanned girlfriend showed around and went straight to the sunbeds near the beach. Another couple with another guy on steroids and a bar-woman came and kindly ask her

"we can sit wherever we want to?"

"Yes Yes sit wherever you want, the price is the same" she replied.

You can imagine that when i heard that i was so pissed that i wanted to just go straight and punch her in the face. More and More people came and what she did was to place her friends and some people that ''looked cool'' in the first row and in general in good spots and all the others in the back sunbeds.


Then my uncle came...

Karma Is A Bitch

When he came he asked me why the hell i chose a sunbed that far from the bitch and ofc explained him what happened. He laughed and told me ''just relax, drink your coffee and enjoy the show'' and he called the girl:

" Excuse me miss, can we just go and sit in the first row in that particular sunbed?" and he showed the sunbed
" These are all booked sir i am afraid you can't"

" Ok can you call your boss for a minute?"

" Ok fine" 

I was watching the boss coming while my uncle had his back on him and when he came very close to us my uncle turned and said:

" Now that you became a boss you hide yourself inside the bar you fucker?"

" Ohhhhhhh finally you came you asshole after so many invitations!" the owner said

Both me and the girl couldn't understand what was happening, those 2 behaving like 15 year old children


" What nonsense are you saying to your customers? you have the muscular ones and the fine ass ones sitting in the first row while the rest of us are fucked back here? my uncle said

" No that's not the case, first come first served, that's the principal in here, why what happened?"

Long story sort we explained the situation, he placed us in the front row :p, whatever we took was on him and for the rest of the week, each morning we were here. Turns out my uncle and him were friends since army and oh god the look on the girl's face everytime i looked at her like i say ''you just got fucked" was precious!

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That girl is not fit for a hospitality industry, but I do love witnessing people pay the price for their rudeness. Serves her right lol

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that girl should grow up. I love too how things turned out :P i didn't expect that outcome

αυτο που δεν ειπες ειναι οτι σε περιπτωση που κερδιζες το τζοκερ το χθεσινο η κοπελιτσα με το attitude λογικα θα σου ανοιγε και τα ποδαρακια της για να κανεις μια βολτα.... Αυτοι ειμαστε δυστυχως ή ευτυχως!!!


distixos etsi paei

so she was just deciding who gets which seat?? on her own?


ohh yess, because apparently the boss was always inside and mostly never came outside to check, she played the boss

hahahaha ... laughed a lot , that's really funny man , also used appropriate gifs and yes karma is a bitch ;=)


thanks a lot for your comment!

Lol, you've got the connections to get the girls number though....


haha i had the connections to fire her :P

Oooohhh I love this kind of burn.. Let the tea spill *flips hair

First of, not because your uncle is a friend with the owner but the fact that it is first come first serve basis and you got there first but she made you sit at the back is just so bitchy XD

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and the fact that she was the same age as me and tried to act superior pissed me off the most

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Το έχω πάθει λίιιγο διαφορετικά.. Πέρσι στη Νάξο.. Πάμε πρωί πρωί, πιάνουμε πρώτη σειρά -fuck yeah- ενώ τις άλλες μέρες ήταν πιασμένες και καθόμασταν τέρμα θεού, σχεδόν στην αυλή του ξενοδοχείου. Έρχεται η κοπέλα, "γειά σας", "γεια σας". "Τι θα πάρετε?", "Αυτά θα πάρουμε". "Οκ και οι ξαπλώστρες είναι 30 ευρώ", "What???" Διπλάσια plus τιμή από τη γαλαρία επειδή το κύμα σου γαργαλάει τις πατούσες!


κ δν το θεωρουν σημαντικο να εχουν καπου κανα τιμοκαταλογο να ενημερωσουν....

Που να δεις κ Μυκονο, ειχαμε παει οικογενειακα ενα τετραημερο γτ εχουμε κατι γνωστους εκει (οποτε δν βιωσα ακριβως την ζωη εκει :p μπορω να πω δν ειχα ζωη εκει :P)

Ενα πρωι π ειχα σηκωθει λεω παω μονος μου στην παραλια. Παω βλεπω ξαπλωστρες ωραια λεω, αδειες ολες παω καθομαι μπροστα. Ερχεται σερβιτορα της λεω ενα καφε κ μου λεει "να ενημερωσω οτι η ξαπλωστρες εδω μπροστα ειναι 100 ευρω" ................. "Ωραια παω στις πισω ποσο ειναι αυτες?" "Αυτες ειναι απο 20 μεχρι 40"

"Οκ παω σπιτι μου :p"


100??? χαχαχ στις πουλούσανε μάλλον και δεν το κατάλαβες.. Δεν πάνε καλά. Βασικά δεν ξέρω ποιος έχει μεγαλύτερο πρόβλημα. Αυτός που τις δίνει τόσο ή αυτοί που δέχονται να τα δίνουν..


basika briskoun k ta kanoun. αν ειχα τοσα ευρω ξαπλωστρα εδω αθηνα κανεις δν θα παταγε, τωρα μυκονο το 80% μπορει κ λιγο να λεω π μαζευονται ειναι ατομα π εχουν λεφτα ειτε ατομα π θελουν να κανουν επιδειξη πλουτου (χωρις να εχουν κ κατι, ολοι οι μισθοι τους :p) οποτε σου λενε αφου πιανει κ τα πληρωνουν γτ να τα βαλω 5 ευρω


Έτσι είναι.. Οπότε όλοι "χαρούμενοι" :P

HAHAHAHA!! Sweet revenge! It's either you get special treatment or you get discriminated, it's what I noticed about your stories haha! I hope the girl was fired.


hahaha can't i have a normal life? :P


Not for me to say, but no. No, you can't.


hahaha i was asking for too much :P

In Australia there is a word for this kind of woman: Cunt.