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An actor sees an unknown on the set.
-Who are you? asking the actor
-Your duplicate , will replace you in dangerous scenes.
-Perfect. I would ask you to go to my wife and explain to her where I was last night.

The police beat my door today:
"Where you was last night at 20:05?" Asked the officer.
"It's kind of embarrassing to tell you, but at 20, I got up with my wife in the room to make love," I said.
-This is true! My wife called out of the hall, but who knows where he was at 20:05!

-Doctor, Doctor, I think I'm a car, Brumm..brumm..
-Please do one more time.
-Brrumm, brrumm, brrumm.
-I think you have the cluttered carburetor!

"Why did you come home so fast?"
"Because the boss told me," Go to hell! ""

Father screaming:
-Stop looking at porn movies ... It sounds up to me in the room!
-Dad ... I do not watch porn movies, Maria Sharapova is playing tennis!

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Funny! :D Upvoted and resteemed!


thx ;)

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So awesome! Following you.