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◉ - Is it normal that I seem to have two completely different points of view on the same question, on different days, as if different people are arguing?
-- "Only two?" It's strange.

◉ - Teacher, why do you have in the library books of all these charlatans?
-- They are so adorably delirious. I can not do that. I study.

◉ -"Teacher, help me!"
-- In what?
-- I feel bad!
-- Everywhere!
-- You are absent.
-- Thank you teacher!

◉ Mages are joking. All coincidences with reality, names and events are not accidental.

◉ When the Earth wants to be slimmer, it tightens the climatic zones.

◉ One little girl, choosing from two evils, always chose the one that is more delicious and nutritious.

◉ When you frown, the muscles gather in the area of the third eye and close your view of all that is beautiful in this world.

◉ Everything that you say can be materialized and used against you.

◉ - Look! There's a passage through the wall !!
-- Yes, usually doors work like this.

◉ And dying in his cell, the great ancient Master quietly uttered his last phrase:
-- I'll be back.

◉ Incubi and succubi actually do not tempt anyone.
They just show people what they really want.
In fact - They themselves are victims of temptation.


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Hope you can appreciate the humor in this gif, I certainly could appreciate your post. Upvoted.