Banned on a Minecraft server

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My friend and I decided to play some Minecraft, things went well, but it turns out that only little kids play this game. Nevertheless we joined this one server, server looks bad ping is horrible and it is an RSA server making this an even bigger joke.

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I started to build my castle, was going to put up a post once it was done, funny thing is now I am banned. So we met this admin on the server who is 14 (died of laughter when we found this out) so my friend starts to mess around with him, like we did with all the other kids playing on the server.

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My friend gets banned for swearing, normally this is maybe a 1 or so ban for this kind of offence, he gets banned for 9 years. So the joke continues, I start talking to this kid and ask him if he is going to school tomorrow, I laugh at his reply and get banned for staff abuse!!! Staff abuse, does this kid even know what he is doing as an admin! So I go on an alt account to now chat to this kid and find out what is his issue, and get more bans.

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I start making new alt accounts, the span of ban messages came and never stopped, I even made alt accounts used by friends of mine who used to play Minecraft and these accounts got banned instantly. Then the now really cool big boy admin sends the ban message, Permanent IP ban: THE BAN HAMMER HAS SPOKEN.

After all is said and done, what is a 14 year old boy doing as an admin?


Lots of kids have servers. My 12-yr-old had a Minecraft server when he was 11 -- mind you it was small. He let it go though.
His server his rules. Why would you heckle him so much?
There are lots of kid-friendly servers run by kids and maybe their parents supervising with strict rules about swearing, etc. They want a SAFE place to play.
They should have clarified the rules right from the beginning though.

I have no problem with kids having their own servers for minecraft, this server is owned and run by much older people, but the problem is that they (younger admins) do not know how to handle situations, and often end up messing up big time costing the server a lot of users. For instance this server which I was now banned on will loose more than half their members as I will be leaving to join another server and they will be joining there to. This does not mean that I go around causing problems on servers just because I can. Most servers I have been on are really strict with their rules, this is a good thing, but having and giving enough power to kids to ban or abuse admin rights. This destroys a server really fast, I spoke to other players on the server about this admin and he has been doing this for a while now. So a bit more guidance would have been a good thing to teach this young admin on what to do.

Maybe hes just rich enough to own a server :)

The admin was 25, like he told you. Your friend came on with a naked skin running around, swearing and mocking him, for doing his job and trying to secure a server that's fun and fair for all. You even threaten the server that you will crash it, an hour banned turned to a 24 hours ban then to the nine years after further swearing and disrespect, I really don't see anything wrong with haing a server for all ages, however you on the other hand, feeling that you and your friend did nothing wrong, that's the joke, sorry to say, but I smell a troll

Oh and I can provide screenshots and photos if anyone wants to see what atroll looks like, making money from trolling servers

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