Women vs Men (how they think)

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One of the greatest issues every relationship faces is that each sex thinks differently, but both want each other to think the same way as they do. Another problem is that they expect and want the other sex to think like them.

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Often thinking that the other sex things/should think, the same way as you, leads to unhappiness and frustration on both sides.

We have to face the facts, Women think differently to Men. If you argue that this is not the case well, are you in a relationship and have you ever gone through difficult times understanding and communicating with each other? If your answer is yes to the first question and no to the second... then your life is perfect and I will hunt you down and switch bodies with you.

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So I found this lovely video that explains the difference, please pay special attention to what you are about to see.
WARNING: Do not be drinking a hot drink while you are watching. Make sure you are alone to avoid embarrassment. Sharing this with the person you are in a relationship with, could lead to change in behaviour ;)

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If you do not agree with me and my point of view, well I am really sorry, but I hope you still enjoyed it :D


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To me I feel men and women behaves differently and think differently


Yeah, I think that's why communication is so important. You have to be able to work through the different ways you think about things.

Putting others first in our decisions is the simple rules that builds strong bonds between gender differences.

Only a video? You've made promising title, but fail to deliver (for my perspective)

Lol.. this animation is funny.
Although, he still tried now.

Yes, it's cool acting

I will be diving into it deeper today and share some of my own experiences and thoughts. This post was just a little funny one.

I hope so.

Thank you.good post :D

It's a great post indeed its funny. However its mind mood that depend on how one thinks about others

women and men ... try to change their attitude towards everyone in their relationship. The important thing is not to change. Accommodating is.
But this way the relationship will be healthy and everything will be fine ...

That's funny. I know men and women think differently. A friend of mine calls me "Overthinker" because I overthink everything 😂

I'm a man. I've loved a woman or two (in love) and loved two girls as daughters.

It is not just the physical differences that I delight in. I love how women think (those that don't try to be men). I always think of us as being hands. Have you had a period where you could only use one hand? Then you'll understand when I say we are left and right hand and it is our differences that make us special to each other., and when we join to be as one, we are then complete, closer to our potential.

By the way, the classic, that women want to change us. We have it wrong. They want to try to change us, but if they succeed, they are then no longer interested in us. We also sometimes moan about women not being able to think like us...but would you really be attracted to a woman who thinks like you?

PS: I love commenting on old posts, because then nobody but the poster sees what I said.

Just like boys and girls, they are very different.

They think : "STEEM Freaking Rules !!!!"

Seriously each sex want the other to think like them

You will love the video I posted on my channel! it's about Gold Digger vs....wait for it Trophy Diggers!

Nice post, Well-done.

Hello, great work, i liked your post and reward it with upvote.

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No matter how hard we try, male and female cannot think the same way because male brain differs from female brain. That's how the brains of the opposite sex are made and there is nothing we could do about it. @dragonslayer101

I do agree with you, women think differently. It's actually based on the gender. You know women talk too much because they have two mouths (upper mouth which is real mouth, and down there mouth which is their genital). While men I think what makes men overthink is because men have two heads (the real head and the down there head). Btw I was just joking, lol. But I still agree with your post, women always want to be understood, and they have a problem trusting us in relationship.

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