What do you think?

in funny •  3 months ago

This picture went viral on the internet and I had my thoughts on it. They are just my thoughts...



it could be that he is simply a happy child
as many named his reaction a choice
he chose to be happy about his prize
though is was not the best
Maybe he simply chose to be happy

it could be that he had great cheerleaders
who cheered him up when he got something
they still would have cheered him
if he came last and got nothing
maybe he had people cheering him proudly

it could be that he was contented
winning something was worth celebrating
he didn't care about the other person's prize
he had his and that was just enough
he was glad he made a mark of some sort

she didn't want to be there
she didn't care that she was the number 1
she didn't mind the cheering or celebration
she wanted to be anywhere else but there
she didn't understand his glee, she never will

What do you think?

@djoi writes

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