The Best Type of Thief! Is No Thief at All!

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Terrifying work story!

Today I had multiple police officers come into my work searching for a man who has been using a stolen debit card.

An 80 year old woman who prefer's to know nothing about online banking, banking statement's, and banks in general, had called the police due to her debit card being stolen.

The police had notified the local bank and seen that there was two charges on her card in the amount of 40 dollars at the local grocery store, and $30.45 at the local hardware store (where I work).

Needless to say, Shit Got Real.

So when the police came in, I took them upstairs to catch the thief on camera. The woman somehow believes the man had on a blue hoodie, and a construction vest.

I looked up the receipt with her card number, and the criminal had bought an ax, and two cans of spray paint at exactly 9:49 am.

Obviously this is kind of shady

So I pulled up the surveillance footage from 9:49 and what did I see?

The 80 year old woman buying an ax and 2 cans of spray paint.

The debit card was later discovered in her purse.

I would like to personally thank my hometown police force for working tirelessly on this case, I know shit got a little out of hand for a second there.

I actually am very happy the old lady found her debit card, because my grandma would just lose her mind of that happened to her:)

Does anybody know a small town where these things are a huge deal to the police?

I really am happy I live in a place where things like this are the biggest problem. It could always be worse, and I love small-town living.:)

Thank you to whomever read the story:) Enjoy your evening.

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oh my that is one crazy story!!!!!!!! I had something similar happen in the past where I worked at too....


Yeah it got pretty intense in the store!:) Haha did you really?


Yes.. Some guy bought a pc with a bad check and i had to be the look out person when he came back in i had to go pretend to smoke cig outside while i called the detectives and they came guns drawn in all #truestory


Haha yeah, they dont mess around when it comes to checks! You even went undercover and all lol...that is amazing!

Thanks for sharing your story! Interesting choices for purchase...certainly for an elderly woman. Enjoyed reading. If you like other crime/police related stories and posts, follow my blog! Followed!


I was honestly not expecting her to actually be buying the ax! lol but alright done deal:) Thankyou!

Haha this is hilarious!! Crazy old lady!!!

My retired neighbor had something exciting to tell me: He had found his son on Facebook 40 years after he lost custody. My neighbor told me that a next door neighbor(He couldn't remember his name) helped him find his long lost son using something called,"The Internet".
Who was the guy that helped him? Answer: It was me! But I played it off & acted,"surprised".
Moral of the story: Amnesia is a biatch. Cheers @dillonford.


Haha @bitcoinsky is a modern day hero! That is a funny story though, and it really is!:)

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I can't help but agree. Nice story!



Funny old lady...