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Lesson #2 for newbies,... yeah... the formidable FLAGGING or DOWNVOTING!! 

How to avoid it!? Well, to avoid it, you have to understand it first! And today's MEME is going to let you know WHY!? With laughters of course!! 

Before we begin, let's review Lesson #1 for UPVOTING here ...


Newbies!! While you are excited about this great platform, you must also be very confused about how to get upvotes... Even some veterans don't get it, so don't be frustrated... 
This meme series is created for you. While you laugh (then thank you and refer to #5 below and do it!), there is also some truth about Steemit behind it. This takes me almost a year to comprehend, so enjoy! 
Please cherish our beloved Steemit for better or worse! Thank You! :)

Okay! Let the MEME begin ....


oh, there have been so many historical flagging wars .. but I'd rather not mention names here @@


formally it is called "draining the reward pool" lol


don't do bad things here. cops are around.


this man is Bernie Sanders. I am not referring to any Steemians ok? :)


veterans should remember this user. if you are new and curious, see here.


the flag sign does look like a book!

Thanks for watching and decoding!! Enjoy your weekend!

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Lol, I thought it was a Book-Mark.

The Patrol are every where.
Some are under my Guidance.
As much as I hate doing the Down votes , There are more upvotes than that.
Steem on.


Thank you, our guarding angel!! :)

laughing at the last one.
That was what I thought when I was first time here. because I used to "flag" my iOS email app for important emails. LOL


thanks for confirming my conjecture. :)

I too committed some of the above...Lol!! Resteemd and upvoted!!!

Sometimes you asked to be flagged. Don't believe?
See this:


LOL That's hilarious! But it is an outlier case ... :)


Always there's exception :-)


and exception to exceptions ... and so on ... lol