Revealed: President Putin's Favorite Song

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In todays news: President Vladimir Putin held a private news conference with the world's top news journalists and revealed some startling revelations...

These funny memes are my own ideas. This is just meant to be a joke. No insult intended for anyone that is offended. If you like it, please do give an upvote and a resteem.

Sources of Pics used in these memes I made: 1,2,3,4

Youtube Video Upload by NoMadU55555

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You are on point today :D

Wow.this's amazing funny videos.
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And thanks for share this funny. .
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What a style he has totally atractive.

Nice one


wow....hahaha this funny post very nice,Funny And Weird Non-Japanese Asian TV Commercials I Found Today,i really love and support your post all time,thank you so much for sharing your post,

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What are you commenting about??? There's no funny commercials here. Only a music video.

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awesome funny bidio dear. Everyone is at your eye at the comment but not at my commet

very miss you dear

keep it up

Is It True??😆😂

Hahahaha..wondarful funny..
really i enjoyed..thank you for sharing with us ..dear @darthnava ..
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