Well thats how it is sometimes we live for the moment :)

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Yeah well we all have our fears and some of us have no fear that's because we don't back down in the face of adversity because we don't accept it as a legitimate danger, but this can also be a detriment to our success or a launching point only time tells right :))
many of us want to go big but it's very difficult if you have no fairy dust, it's an essential tool called promotion a word everyone in the industry knows very well.

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Very true my Friend! Only time tells. They say no risk no reward. I definitely could use some fairy dust right about now. Promotion indeed my Friend! I wish I knew the importance of promotion when I was much younger. But I guess better late than never. We can never give up and I truly believe we get what we put in. I more than appreciate your support and inspiration my Friend! I hope that you have a VERY blessed weekend! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)


thank you @extraterrestrial that is so true, yeah a lot of the new steemians have to "come to terms" that the staking investment means a lot and that without it the system simply could not exist in the form it has today. @darsico


My pleasure! I couldn't agree with you more stronger! I'm saving up to purchase some more SP. I try to at least do my part and I am telling everyone that I know about STEEM and the AWESOME STEEMIT COMMUNITY! We're all in this together. We feed each other so we all can be whales one day. To our success STEEMIANS! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

There is no point in worrying too much about stuff you have no control over. All you need to know is that no one lives forever and as long as your not causing harm to anybody else just do what you want. Other people's opinions don't matter as much as people like to think that they do.
As for fear we all have some it's just a matter of pushing through.

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Honestly, we’ll said. Most people don’t realize how much hard work is needed to get to where you want to be. Most people are also not willing to put in that kind of work either.


Yes your right it can become a game of hamster wheel in a minute and so many are tempted to just put up anything at all just to get that post out, to them i suggest they find a niche could be anything as fast a they can, so they can stop running in circles and make a profit and bring value to the Steem blockchain

Nice post @darsico i like it and East and West you are the best

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Your writing was very good.it realy great i like it.

Jumping out of an airplane takes overcoming fear.
Wearing a good parachute when you do is wise.
It's good to modify fear with wisdom.

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