Does your pet talk to you too?

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Most of us that have pets tend to talk to them so much it's almost like a conversation and most times they reciprocate back to us emotions that we might display towards them. But if you know animals well enough then you will agree that they all have different characters.

i don't have a picture of my moms puppy but this is pretty close :)

My mom had this really cute Chihuahua so small and so much energy it was unbelevable at times to watch it run in circles lol :)) i thought it might have some kinda of super powers. You would have to let it approach you because if you tried to pet it you would not be welcome because it had a terrible social character never hurt anyone but petting it was just such a funny experience.



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just not in only words although i can discern something like several tens of different miaos too its a combo of body posture and sound , something humans seem to have forgotten, and probably will more as chatrooms dont really allow for body language to come with it ... i can :) while i'm actually :( at this side of the screen and no one would see it :p :) | :/


yeah i guess they have us pretty well trained, the real trick is getting out of the house without them when they're not paying attention lol:)


well my cat is a bit more assertive when it comes to that, he just comes tell me when he wants me to go along, otherwise i think its a bit like a kid who doesnt want to be seen with daddy by his little friends lol

way behind on comments omg ...

They most definitely have different characters. And they always seem to be one step ahead LOL! :) So VERY cute! Chihuahuas are great! So much energy and personality. Awesome little guys. But please don't let them know that I called them little LOL! :) I hope that your having a GREAT weekend. Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

No she doesn'talk to me.
But sometimes she understand me.


i'm sure you enjoy her @anyway very cute puppy she looks like she wants to talk with a big happy smile :)

My dog will roll over and shows the tummy if they want to been scratch. If they hungray, they will make pity sound to be feed . Every animals has different characters how to close with human..☺

Only when I'm drugged. Lol jk

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Lets just say that they talked to me and the fact that we didn't speak each other's language was besides the point.

I guess language is for understanding each other and sometimes you don't really need the words to understand your pet.....

Your animation pic realy interesting.It is excellent fun.

I do not love the pet but my father lover the pet and they have 1 dangerous dog

Dogs talk to us but we don't understand very well.

Your puppy funny is great.I like very much

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i think they try to talk to us everyday through their signs and gestures but we cannot comprehend them.