Free to good home, one loyal fun loving follower.

in funny •  10 months ago

Free to good steemit users home, one follower who is loyal and likes new friends and interacting. Answers to darkpurplelight or just about anything you call him. New, but is gaining steem. Is pretty much house-trained, he won't post stupid shit on your post, unless you want him to.
Tries to be entertaining and informative, but is prone to post silliness from time to time.
Likes to (attempt to)write humor, but is actually very serious, seriously.
Values on-line friends as real friends as his other listed social network proves..
Thanks for reading.
Did I mention he's very thankful and values friends?

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onya mate, hope to see you around.

House-trained followers are the best! Hey, check out the main tags on Steemit, use those, and use all 5 tags so that more people will see your posts!


Thank you, that might help my lack of views. Apparently the follow/feed function doesn't work like I thought. Some people I follow never show up on my feed, I imagine I'm the same way on their end.
I'll definitely try that on my next post.


It's a bit difficult at first. The best thing to do is just keep commenting on people's posts, following who you like, and chatting on Discord. :)

Great sense of humor! I gave you some votes. Going to check out some more of your posts.