Now That Was A Waste Of Time

in funny •  5 months ago

When you spent half an hour writing an awesome comment to a whale on Steemit but it gets completely ignored


(Source: Giphy)

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sometimes I do forget to upvote a few of my own comments...


aaaa, great, I believe you

Mine was not to a whale but that happened several times this weekend. Stil annoying!

Give me the picture! :)


It is really a bit disheartening when you have spent a lot of time and effort to respond to someone's writing, and they can't even comment back. Something was wrong when loading the gif - now I fixed it :)


Well now all of my pictures are upside down on my post that I'm trying to put out. Got to love my steemit

Just like this gif, their votes never show up :(


If only we could be whales 🐳 I'm sure we would be the good kind


your gif is not showing


Thanks a lot for letting me know !


Always welcome bro

half an hour is too much for writing "good post, ~~ thank you~~ thanks for you".