I would kill for a night at the bar

in funny •  6 months ago

After you have your first child the meaning of getting shit faced changes dramatically

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yeah no so sexy having someone sit on your face now


Definitely not hehe

It is addictive to watch but at the same time funny cause that was a nice shot.
Keep on steemin'

Haha, yes this is that moment.


Hehe a moment that's hard to forget

Good thing you video it to remind you to rubber-up next time your wife suggest, let's have another kid.


Haha true that !

It's amazing what true fatherly love will have you put up with, eh??


Hehe I guess it will be the time when you really understand the meaning of patience

And you wonder how in the heck you got to this place....


Haha, only when you sleep you can escape, until you wake up to the crying that is

That is what its takes to be a father, you must experience odd things at times from your kids


Hehe I'll take your word for it