[Just For Fun] Searching for Bitcoins in GitHub with Google BigQuery | 如何从GitHub里头找钱

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❔ Do you want to get rich and have fun by searching for Bitcoin private keys in GitHub

👉 This video explains how to do it
😎 For those of you who can't wait, you can jump to 3:32 of the video to reveal how much you can make 💸💸 💸

❔ 你想通过在GitHub里头搜索泄露出来的比特币私钥一夜暴富

😎 如果你实在等不及,你可以直接快进到3分32秒来看你到底能赚多少钱 💸💸 💸

(Source: Youtube LiveOverflow Channel | 来源:Youtube LiveOverflow频道)

For those of you who are more geeky

  • Jump to 2:33 to see the query
  • Jump to 3:25 to see the Python code
  • Jump to 3:55 to see why you shouldn't do this at home😅


  • 具体查询的Query在2分33秒有解释
  • 具体实现的Python代码在3分25秒有解释
  • 最后,请看完这个视频,因为在3分55秒左右它会告诉你:还是别折腾了😅
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good one :)