[Just For Fun] Long Island ... wait-for-it ... Blockchain Corp | 长岛没有冰茶,只有区块链

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❔ So what happened

👉 Hicksville, New York-based company Long Island Iced Tea Corp (NASDAQ:LTEA) announced right before Christmas that it will change its name to Long Blockchain Corp to focus on the "exploration of and investment in opportunities that leverage the benefits of blockchain technology"
😎 Its shares soared higher by more than 300% on the day from $2.40 to over $7.60 🚀
🍹 Now, relax and enjoy your Long ... Blockchain

❔ 长岛冰茶怎么了

👉 位于纽约长岛的纳斯达克上市公司长岛冰茶公司 (NASDAQ:LTEA)在圣诞节前发布了一则新闻:它们将改名为长区块链公司,并且将公司的战略方向转为区块链技术
😎 股价应声上涨,当日收获超过三倍涨幅 🚀
🍹 来来来,这位骚年,错过了一百万吧?还是先喝一杯长岛区块链压压惊吧

(Source: Long Island Iced Tea Sitting On 350% Gain After Rebranding As 'Long Blockchain Corp' | 来源:长岛冰茶公司更名为长区块链公司,坐看股票暴涨三倍


G...wait for it...blockchain...oogle...

Yeah, then everyone can see GOOG soaring to $3000 :D