what exactly is TP

Paper to wipe his bunghole 👍👍👍😃😃😃

he says a lot of nonsense but he gives upvote worth $1 that's why people still like him even though everyone feels like killing him because of his nonsense comments

Yea he’s silly
But he’s s great Steemit friend to the whole community. It’s people like him who get newbies excited. He’s got my vote anyway! But yes I agree he can be silly
But what he does for fellow steemians is a great service

I don’t think anyone feels like killing him ha ha
He’s helping a lot of Steemit community get excited

hahaha you got lured by his big upvotes 😂

It's a reference to The Great Cornholio, a recurring alter-ego of Beavis from the Mike Judge animated series, Beavis and Butthead.

Basically, when Beavis consumes too much sugar (or caffeine/stimulants), and someone says a spanish word, Beavis transforms into The Great Cornholio

The "TP" comes from the first appearance of @Cornholio, where they visit a school friend that's home sick with diarrhea... the friend's mom says she's going out to "buy more TP" (toilet paper)

oh is that a television animation

Same question what is tp .? Is its tooth paste
😅😅😅 @cornholio

Toilet Paper

I would not put tooth paste on my bunghole

i liked this comment

Nice post @cornholio

kia chahe hain jinab 😃

its really funny...

Dude, are you from Switzerland?

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