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SmartX is a decentralized BlockDAG project based on DAG transactions. The SmartX platform aims to provide distributed book technology in cases such as in-game payments, communications, and release points issued by sellers.

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The total amount of tokens that need to be turned up to 10 billion of which 31% of all tokens will be distributed as gifts to the community.

“At the moment the testing phase of the new faucet is underway. Those who participate in trialling the new campaign will receive a higher mining level which will carry over to the public campaign. This means those who participate in the current faucet trial will receive more SAT tokens during the public campaign.”
To participate in the test program, simply contact the SmartX team in the telegram and request a code. You will need it to log in at You will also need an Etherum public address. (you don't use an address you don't have control over (stock exchange).
SmartX running this campaign aims to collect so many opinions, suggestions for the operation of the mine to improve, make it fun, pleasant and easy to use

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So if you are interested in participating in the test campaign before it enters the official phase, be sure to look at the Telegram to the SmartX room ask for the CODE.
All opinions about the operation, appearance and maybe some additional functions that you would like to add to your SmartX faucet are welcome.
Share your thoughts on the Telegram.
Every suggestion is considered.

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