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Your Daily Break

Everybody needs a break, life's hard, work is stressful and some days there's not much to smile about. Well here's a few videos curated especially to bring a little joy and escapism to your day.

My motto: Work Hard, but Play Harder!!! Enjoy and please share if you got a little joy or escape from these videos!

Just Monkeying Around

In this first video, check out the great reaction from this Orangutan when he is exposed to a wee bit of magic ! If you have young kids or can remember back to your days before you peeked behind the curtains of reality so to speak, I think you'll enjoy!

credit Dan Zaleski via YouTube

Instant Karma? - You decide

In the words of the great Big Brother contestant Paul Abrahamian, this monkey is "Pissed"! The backstory... The little girls are waving and through peanuts to this monkey, while off camera someone is also pointing at him. Well, like the good ant, he had been saving something to prepare for the winter, just it wasn't food. Find out below in this hilariously disgusting clip.

credit Isaac Montanya via YouTube


And now a parting lesson for us all that wild animals, no matter how cute, are still wild animals. Watch this girl minding her own business and not paying particularly too much attention as a wild animal approaches. Luckily for her, Grandpa is near by...

Jason Ashfield via YouTube

Well, that's all for today folks, if you've enjoyed this and gotten to escape, laugh or be wowed a little bit, please follow and stay tuned for your next Daily Break!

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