How Robin Williams Made (Almost) Everything Funny

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Robin Williams' #1 Tip To Becoming Funnier

Robin Williams was absolutely hilarious. His mental quickness was second to none and people often commented on what a raw natural comedic talent he was.

The truth is though, Robin Williams honed his skills over many years. And one of those skills in particular can be applied by anyone to make themselves funnier almost immediately. It's a humor technique called playing a character and it can make even things that are unfunny seem hilarious.

So check out this tip and use it in your own jokes and stories. I can't promise you'll become as funny as Robin Williams, but if you do it with conviction, you'll see people respond with way more laughter than you may be used to.

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buen video hermano suerte

hi. leider ist er schon tod. ich kann mich noch gut an "mork von ork" erinnern. das ist lange her. irgendwie vermisse ich robin.

Awesome video. I am new to your channel so I wasn't aware this was some of your older content that you revamped. I think its a great idea especially if your follower/sub base is currently growing, the new people coming in will appreciate seeing that older content (which is usually really relevant and important). Anyway that's just my two cents, really enjoying the videos and glad I gave you a follow.

Another favourite! Mrs doubtfire....😍