No subliminal messages there for sure!

13 yr. old me approves

Was done on purpose.

May be he/she was dreaming of someone while creating this:)

Well, the article is about Europe. Its kind of fitting.

That looks like dick lol

So romantic !!

Giving a new meaning to sight seeing! I guess it'll be a hell of a vacation. lol

its only natural.

It was's Valentines pr stunt. Note the 'LUSTminute' hashtag. It went viral (which sounds so wrong given the imagery) but great marketing has a humour! Wish more companies took themselves less seriously.

Nothing is missing in that ad. great marketing or sick marketing .... or both.

I cannot approve this, people don't understand. Dick with balls up ass and clitty and squirt senslessly uncontrollably on the middle between 4 women to the left. Now now, I will calm down. Thanks for the great post my friend.

Now that's a horny post! lmao! Your very creative ! lol lol ! thanks for this made my day! aloha Al