"That feeling of exhaustion while waiting on your doctor's appointment!"

in funny •  last year

In the waiting room with my dad at the eye doctor and I couldn't help but notice how exhausting and boring doctor's office waiting rooms can actually be!

This poor guy was apparently so overwhelmed with boredom and exhaustion from waiting on the doc that he fell into a deep sleep!

Come on, doctors! Speed it up a bit or you'll have to start placing sleeping bags into the waiting rooms!

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I love it! Oh how I know that feeling. Doctors over book and the patients just have to wait it out.😳


Yes it can be quite exhausting sometimes! Thanks for commenting! 😊

It happens most of time by waiting our appointment with docter. felling bored. thanks for sharing this lovely topic..


So very true! I appreciate your comments, @piyushkansal

Honestly saying I hate any kind of visits to doctors and sometimes not so much because of waiting, but of the people who sit in a queue and because they have nothing to do, they stare at each other.

He is not of the generation with the phones. They are quite active at the doctor's waiting room. 😊

I always said so that if you would like to go to the doctor you need to be healthy as a bull ( means strong animal ) I hope you understand and do not take this wrong way.
Poor guy your father. Greetings and hug from me to your him ;))) Have a better weekend my dear friend ;)))