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Don't worry, If you can't upvote or comment on this post I completely understand.
that is if you can even see this post...
... read this comment
... or even still be logged in


LOL 😆👍


LOL! Nicely done The site is totally wacky these last few days. Took me a couple tries for each action!


Oh how to do that really really small text? I only know sub or sup... :D

agreed, then we should support each other to make these kind of feelings real.

When Steeemit is down I have been using as an alternative. seems to be working great!

YUP. That's about right. Man I really need to get more on that commenting thing, though. Oh. I guess I am. Right now...

Reading this from :-D

I like it game Steemit-Pacman

it felt bit more like putting the coin into the machine and nothing moves recently😎

Nice game
I like
It and I do follow please do back thanks

The good old pac-man! Haha, great analogy. Resteemed (hopefully 😆)

at least Pack man was faster than ghosts, it feels steemit is running away from my posts and comments and I have to corner him to send mine.

The importance of back-up. LOL
Yesterday I almost lost one long post.

Haaa @blueorgy
Can't agree more
That kind of feeling lol...👌🙌

It's funny cause it's true.

Hey! Can you tell me how I can promote a contest?
Noob Here

COOL post tnx for the sharing upvote me if you can plz

A little bit of wee came out! hahahahah

Hahaha! Yes! Perfect and I too know this feeling..............