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Ain't that some shit, out of nowhere a new crypto has taken the lead during these turbulent times, a true shit coin, I don't like to let the FOMO hit me but it was hard to hold it in.

I have been involved in cryptocurrency and this blockchain thing for a while now but I never seen such a golden opportunity, toilet paper token had a massive correction, was a real shit show but I managed to get some of that ass, I bought in low and it has since returned to its highs and is now out of stock ! the price should only go up with the increased demand, and those that missed it you are shit out of luck.


Happy April fools y'all and great job coinmarketcap that was a good one and they put in a fair bit of work even including a page full of information about toilet paper token, that you can check out on their landing page by clicking the token.


Hope you got some value from my post, Thanks for stopping by, your upvote, comments and reblogs are truly appreciated.


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