Sly seller glued the eyes of the fish

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In Kuwait, the dodgy salesman came up with how to deceive customers, so that the fish seemed more fresh to them than they really are - he stuck plastic eyes on her.

Everyone knows that the fish is rotting from the head. But the fact that the fish "second freshness" can tell us her eyes. More precisely - the color of their iris, which begins to turn yellow, signaling that the first, the same and last freshness is over.

About the cunning rascal it became known from one of the local women who had bought a fish in the "bad shop" the day before. Bringing her home, the woman began to clean and then she saw how under the stream of water the fish's eye fell off, which turned out to be a plastic sticker.

She filmed the incident on video, which in addition to Internet users drew attention and employees of the Ministry of Commerce of Kuwait, writes Al-Bayan. Officials contacted the author of the video, found out the name and address of the store. Then they came to a trading establishment with a sudden check, the result of which was its closure. The fate of the inventive seller is not reported.


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