Thinking you posted

in funny •  2 months ago

Well it has been a short week, and with that all the weeks problems in a shorter amount of time. Well today I wrote a post, and was like okay I will check on it. Then I realized I had like 50 tabs so I started to close all of them. I then re opened and went to steemit. Then I realized I never hit the post button, or if I did it did not post it which has happened. Last time I got lucky and it saved in the draft. But this time not so lucky. maxresdefault.jpg The sad thing is I have been so busy, that I don't even remember much of the post. It will come back.

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My memory can fade from one minute to the next so I know where you’re at. Nothing says fun like a steemit post mishap.


Ya, but I just have way too many crazy people to deal with. It is really not that fun anymore. Crazies were okay once and a while.

im sure it all bad