Movie Gravity in space?

in funny •  6 months ago

So last night I noticed the new Star Wars film was on Netflix I believe, and we decided to watch it. Well by that I mean I made it 15 min into the show before I fell asleep. But before I fell asleep I watched the opening fight scene, where the rebels take out this massive shipRavagerExplodes.jpg

Then I realize, that when they drop the bombs out of the space ship, it acts as if there is gravity in space. She falls down the ladder, then the button is kicked down the ladder, but then she presses the button and the bombs fall on the other ship. Like there is gravity. I know it is just a movie, but do Star Wars people just take this as no big deal. At least in Guardians of the Galaxy they die when put into space.

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errr... mainstream scientists have this dogmatic belief that gravity holds the whole universe in shape (against the outward inertia of a "big bang"), so star wars is just part of that scientistic religion. You are more observant than most scientists, and yes, a ship in a near-planetary orbit would go fast enough to counter the planet's gravity, otherwise you'd be hovering and wasting fuel/energy; so you can't just drop bombs. Star Wars likes to emulate old war movies (WW2 & vietnam)


Ya, and it is just a movie, but I thought it was pretty ironic, and then people got sucked out into space and did not die either. What happen to the cold hard space.


I forgot about geo-stationary orbits: much further/higher away, still no nice close-up view of the planet. bombs still can't drop.

Fun post. Need the levity. May the force be with you. Peace and goodwill.

Being a successful and well-known saga, they should take more time to do their research and carry out a film that, in addition to having fun, teaches a little the real behavior in outer space.