Joined My First Club.

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So I have never been apart of Boy Scouts or any real club. Unless you count a golf league a club. So I went with a buddy of mine to a prospectors club, and they were like all you have to do is pay and your in.... They changed it to just that from going to 3 meetings first and then getting voted in, only reason I got to join so quickly. 20180417_192313.jpg

It wasn't that hard to see that half of the people in there could not shovel, and were just there for the human interaction. I guess that is what a main part of the club is. I think it reminds me of the elks, and I would not be surprised to see a bridge game go on. I have never had to see a motion submitted to the floor, then second, then opposed. It was really fun to watch them vote on little things. I don't know how many meetings I can actually attend. They do have some guy who talks about Minerals, and boy does that guy like rocks.... Here is a picture of my fellow clubies. 20180417_193920.jpg

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@bigram13 it's good for you because you will meet new people there. Interaction is necessary for human to evolve new Idea.

I am happy that you get entry but I suggest you to continues take part in meetings because this is something which connects you with people's physical.

Must share your journey of this club.

Yep tech has put a barrier between people.

a good club

The amazing your post,i like funny,good job brother,@bigram13


Sometimes when you join something new if feels strange, just like you're doing something strange, well looks like you're In for a lot of fun, look how cool they're

I like clubs because it helps me to accumulate knowledge from others

well congrats upon the first one ;)

Clubs have never been my cup of tea, but I can appreciate the value of shared knowledge.

Ya me neither, but it is just a different world, when you see it happening in front of you.

Sounds like a fun club to be a part of... hopefully they will help you find a pile of gold somewhere!

Hey How r u dear Bigram Pls Vote me I have already given u vote pls dear