Its a Bird Its A Plane

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So this weekend I flew out of town for a bachelor party in Portland, Oregon. I don't know if I would ever go back, just not my scene there. But on the way home I had one thing happen to me, that has never happen before. On the plane ride back, as we descended into phoenix. I actually was able to tell where we were. By they I mean I could tell you what street we where above, and the craziest part that never happened before. Was I could actually see my house, and I saw that my wife had not left yet to come pick me up. I bet she never thought I would know. It was a funny conversation when we talked. download (1).jpg

Where are you, "I am stuck in traffic." Ya right I could see you I said, it was just surreal..

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That's funny that you caught her because you found your house. I've never had that happen with my house, but I've recognized streets and landmarks as I've flown into places. I tend to do well with recognizing where I am though, so maybe that factors in.


Ya, it also depends on where you sit and what side of the plane, it was a once in a chance.


Do you ever try to take pictures of famous places from planes? That's a lot of fun. Vegas is one of the better places for that because if you get the right approach you can get good angles on some of the casinos.

Is "plan" the same thing as "plane"?

That is pretty funny though. She is going to want the garage cleaned out so she can park in there next time so that you can't spy on her from your airplane.


ya plan plane it is all the same, but it was pretty funny.


Well if you take more plane rides maybe you can see the guy stealing your stuff next time.

That is hilarious. Pretty cool that you were able to pick up your landmarks and find your street under you. How late was she picking you up? She should have gone with the baby needed tending to rather than the traffic excuse. As soon as the baby is mentioned it is all good. lol Can't be upset with the baby excuse.

I flew into New Orleans once and was looking down as we decended. There was all this blue stuff that I couldnt identify until we got close to the ground. It was blue tarps on rooftops. This was 18 months after Katrina and a lot of people still had leaky roofs.

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