Food #2 Avocado

in funny •  3 months ago

So today was the day of the second food. I feel it was a way more exciting one, than the sweet potato. We gave her avocado. It was definitely a hit, and she grab the spoon and tried feeding herself. My wife is into her feeding her self, a friend told her that their kid is almost 2 and won't feed himself. Crazy, she just need to not talk to other people. Here are some of the pics 20180829_174248.jpg

I am not quite sure she knows that her nose is for air and not food. But I guess she might be trying to be a elephant.

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LOL, too cute. Wait until she is covered in spaghetti from head to toe. Tomato sauce is not for bathing in. lol


Ya, I don't like red sauce that much, but love bloody mary's so who figures what I will feed her.

So cute
He or she ?

She is adorable and she does look like she really enjoyed the avocado, which is great.
Babies are so much fun especially when they are learning new things.

Avocado? Waoooo first time I read that between the first meals of a baby is the avocado. I always read potatoes, celery, potatoes, among other vegetables, but never avocado. My children have never liked avocado so I think maybe one of the reasons was that I did not offer it to them between their first solid meals.