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Welll not very often you find some Bitcoin, but that is exactly what happened. I had not logged into a exchange in over six months, and forgot that I had bought some Coin when it was at 4000, I bought only .09 of one, but when I found it, it was worth a 1000. So I cashed it, but don't tell my wife yet, I might plan us a trip, after I pay taxes of course.


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Gotta like that!

Ya, it was pretty crazy.

It's funny though... you are selling bitcoin at the same time I am buying it. I guess that is why they make a market :D



I have some BTC on a hard drive at home that I got for free way back. All came from when faucets were prevalent :-)

For the life of me I can't remember that password! Outfoxed myself! If I had known it was gonna moon, I would have been more careful with the password :-)

Oh well. Probably worth about $1K

Geeze, hope you remember that some day.