Can I trust you?

in funny •  6 months ago

So I have never had a facebook, and don't really like too much social media. But I do like to tell some stories sometimes. So here we go, this week was tough with work and all, so I wanted to just relax. So I went out to the in-laws to do 30 min of fishing. Well when I got back in my child was screaming, so time to go. Well I did not pay to much attention, and left the hook on the poll. Well it became in-bedded in the roof of my 6 month old car. So I got my wife and kid in, and cut the hook and just pushed it up. You can barely tell, and I should have pushed it through and cut of the barb and pulled it out, but I thought that would damage it more. So it is still the biggest catch of my life, and I think we should not tell the wife. Just yet at least. dog-and-car-2.jpg I felt like this dog

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LOL, WOW!! That sounds like a trophy catch for sure. Shitty luck dude. Last week I got hooked in the ear by someone else in the boat. lol Trade ya.


Haha, really I have only seen that twice, and it was the same person who did it hooked their kid twice. Pretty funny. Are you okay.


Yeah, hurt at the moment but wasmore of a nick. My sister felt horrible though. Lol

Wow fantastic funny 😁 post but I really like this post

Steemit is like Facebook. Fishing is great. Funny dog.

Oh no, that is the worst man!! Jesus, talk about shite luck...