Another reason to quite smoking

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So we have finally been getting rain in the desert down here, and it has been nice. The only thing that is getting overwhelming is the fact that we keep getting super high winds, and there is so much damage, and I can't catch up. But that is a different story. On one of the days where we had a ton of rain I noticed that one of my neighbors was standing outside. 20180709_165006.jpg It was raining Cats and Dogs hard, but he was just there kinda looking around like he was waiting for a break to escape. Well come to find out that he had left his smokes in his truck behind the gate and really needed one. So he was waiting out there for like 30 min. At that point if you needed them that bad, why not just walk through the rain. It is only water, and it was still a 100 degrees.

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LOL, the only thing better than him waiting would have been if he had run to get them and then dropped them in a puddle. I will never get the pleasure some people take in smoking. Tried it when I was a teen like everyone does and it was plain gross. Never had any interest at all.


Ya I will smoke a cigar or two, then regret it and say well I have done that, and then in 6 months redo the same experience.



@bigram13, I think rain has many importances, others we seem not to see and imagine. The rain saved the young man's life from the bad habit. In my country, rain is specifically used for agricultural farming and nothing else. Happy to know this in your post. Thanks : )

If its raining that much then i definitely have to smoke and i can do anything to get cigarettes at that time. I wonder what he was thinking haha

Unfortunately, I also need motivation in this subject :(


i quit after i got married, don't want the smoke to harm the children. The rain and wind couldn't stop me


I quit after i
Got married, don't want the smoke
To harm the children.

                 - djohan

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

maybe your neighbor is scared, with the wind so strong and it rains so hard. :)

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That's some dedication to his vice! Smoking, like most addictions is not easy to defeat... Although, smoking bans and price increases are helping to cut the number of smokers here in Ireland. Also, a lot of people are now using Vapes instead of smokes, but in my opinion the jury is very much still out on these vapes, and I wouldn't be counting on them being harmless... Just think back to the days when people first took up smoking, without realising the inherent dangers..