A new Era

in funny •  3 months ago

This last week has brought many changes, and some of those are in the form of 2 new teeth in my baby girl. That means we are going to start feeding her solid food. I have to leave town, and I want to see her face when she gets something new, and my wife was like lets do it tomorrow. I then reminded her that it will also change her poop. She then stated we would wait till I return from my trip. images.jpg So t minus 84 hours.... Start the clock

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Such an exciting stage. It was lots of fun watching the kids try new flavours for the first time. Enjoy!! It is a cute age for sure.


I am excited, but the wife is like picking out the worst vegetables, and only one at a time. This will take forever.

All the fun baby stuff.
Love it.


Ya, I never knew I would enjoy it this much.

Superb, baby doing well job.

So sweetly you make my day have a nice day